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Great Lakes by Design: Building the Craft

Thursday, March 16, 2017 | Comments ((Disabled))

Mike Schaap Builder's framework for success rests on the foundation of skilled team members and minding the details.

In design, the outcome is often determined by its process, or at the very least influenced by it. Whether it is in master planning, the arts, or the built environment, the attention to detail and the skilled hands that touch a project from its initial creation to its ultimate completion have the ability to craft stunning and enduring results. 

For the last three decades, a Holland-based firm with experience in remodeling, designing, and building luxury homes has invested in the details and in the talented individuals who have led to its reputation as a company providing finely crafted homes through a cohesive process. 

“I think our clients and our subcontractors would say that we are very much about the process,” said Mike Schaap, president and founder of Mike Schaap Builders Inc. “It is the details, it is the process, and it is also the team. We have great quality people.” Continue reading ►